Driving is a funny old thing. We decide to drive all over the place looking passed the different cars in front of us, feeling that we are the ones who have all the righteous knowledge on who drives the best. We are so nervous when we are learning, however, when it comes to becoming a fully qualified driver, we feel that we own the roads.

Many people I see who do not seem to know much of the way driving should be down, is those who decide to modify their cars. Some of these do look great. However, some of them are just a waste of space, making us feel that we are ,looking at eye-sores throughout the time we are stuck in traffic next to them. I feel that we need to somehow tell these people that we do not want them on the roads. These are always the same drivers who want to feel that every time they are on the road, they are lewis hamilton and that they are in a constant race.

In reality, I’m not a huge fan of driving. I feel that it is boring and mind numbing, However, it is something which has to be done. It is practical and in many ways a lot better and cheaper than using public transport.


Finding work

It seems that finding a job is just as hard now days as it has always been. When you are unemployed you get annoyed and frustrated if nobody will hire you so you can earn some money to pay for things. It’s almost as bad as when you are in a dead end job (as I am) and are constantly looking for something you can sink your teeth into and be able to have a better standard of living than your current job provides. 

The usual excuses ‘ I think you will get bored here’ or ‘ you don’t have the experience we are looking for’ and so on. I can’t help but want to shout ‘how do you know if I’ll get bored here, you don’t know me.’ Or even ‘well if you give me the job I will get the experience. How can I gain experience when nobody will give me the chance?’

Sometimes it is hard to find employment so why not make your own success. I have now found that trying to comply with what somebody else wants isn’t always the answer. I feel now you have to grab life for what it is and mould it to how you want it.

‘Well it could be worse.’ I hate this phrase with a passion. This is just somebody accepting their shit situation and not having the guts to evolve. ‘What can I do to better my situation.’ This is the mantra I now live your. What can I do to improve financially and what can I do to improve as a human being and be better for it?

Life is shit in the working world. So it takes us to make our own situation better by grabbing life and expanding it ourselves.

Forgetting Home (First Draft)

Forgetting home


Manish looks at himself in the mirror as he does up his tie. He makes sure it is very secure and tight before he strokes off his shirt. He turns and picks up his suitcase before looking over. He sees his mother walk inside and begins to light up as she does so.

Manish: Mother

Mother: Manish my baby.

Manish: I just thought I’d have a look at myself before I leave.

Mother: Oh your father would be so proud. Going to England to make your fortune. Just don’t forget your mother when you go.

Manish: Oh mum

Manish walks over and hugs his moth, kissing her on the cheek. She leans back slightly to straighten his tie. He then licks her thumb and straightens his hair.

Manish: Mum

Mother: Oh Manish, I need you to look smart. Who’s going to straighten you up when you’re all the way in England?

Manish: I guess I’ll have to find a nice English girl to help me.

Mother: Oi, don’t be cheeky.

She gives him a gentle tap, then hugs him once again. She kisses him on the forehead and wipes her eyes.

Manish: Anyway, I better be going, I need to get to the airport, I can’t miss the plane.

Manish picks up his suitcase and walks to the other side of the stage to leave for the airport.

Mother: I love you

Manish: I love you too

Manish is waiting at the airport and see’s numerous people hustling and bustling passed him. He looks at them as he clenches hold of his suitcase. A tannoy calls out to announce the next flight to England. Manish gets his suitcase and walks off to the side.

Manish: Ok here it goes

He looks up and sees everybody queuing to leave and get on the plane to get to England.

Manish walks out and sees a taxi driver.

Manish: Wow it is very cold here

He looks around and sees a taxi driver called Warwick sitting outside. He walks towards him.

Warwick: Fancy a lift

Manish: Yes please.

Manish just stands there looking around. He does not get into the taxi at first. Warwick looks at him as Manish is still looking around, bewildered by it all.

Warwick: Are you just going to stand there, or are you getting in this car?

Manish: Oh sorry.

Manish runs into the taxi and they head off.

Warwick: so where too?

Manish pulls out a piece of paper from his pocket.

Manish: Um, I believe it is called, le-ice-ester.

Warwick: you what? Oh do you mean Leicester?

Manish: yes

Warwick: very good, I know Leicester very well. A lot of nice restaurants there. Do you know where bout’s you are going?

Manish: I think it is Belgrave, I have work permit there

Warwick: Oh do you now.

Manish: My name is Manish

Warwick: Nice to meet you Manish, My name is Warwick. Where bout’s you from mate?

Manish: Punjab, India.

Warwick: Oh Punjab. I know a few Punjabi’s. They have a lot of your Sikh Temples in Leicester. I’m sure you will enjoy it there.

Manish: I’m Hindu

Warwick: Oh, a Hindu. Well Leicester has a lot of those there.

Manish: Ok

Warwick: I’m from Nottingham myself. Big Forest fan. Born and bred. To be honest I’ve lived there my whole life.

Manish: wow

Warwick: So what brings you here to England?

Manish: I have a work permit

Warwick: Of course, you did say. So what kind of work you going to be doing?

Manish: I don’t know yet. I’ve just come here to make some money. I want to make a new life here.

Warwick: Well that’s good. If you ask me, they seem to let a lot of people here. We can only pay for so much. I don’t mean people like yourself, your probably one of the good ones. But this government just lets anybody in.

Manish: I guess

Warwick: All I’m saying is there are too many people here, just taking jobs from hard working British people. People say you’re a racist to say that. I see loads of people who are brown and black, still English, not getting jobs.

Manish: Maybe they don’t have the qualifications.

Warwick: What qualifications do you need to be a cabbage picker?

Manish: How many English people apply for a job as a cabbage picker?

Warwick looks very awkward and there is a pause between them. He looks around and notices Manish is looking right at him.

Warwick: Yeah, well a lot of them just claim benefits.

Manish: I’m not claiming benefits

Warwick: Oh you just have an answer for everything don’t you.

Manish just chuckles and Warwick spends a moment trying to refrain from making eye contact. They drive a little longer until they eventually arrive at their destination.

They arrive at their destination and Warwick pulls up outside a dingy house.

Warwick: this is the place

Manish: Thank you

Manish passes him some money and gets out of the car. He looks up at the house and gazes over from side to side.

Warwick: you do love staring at things don’t you?

Manish: Thank you for your help.

Warwick: Very well

Warwick drives off and Manish is left standing outside of the house. Manish walks over to the door and rings the doorbell. A large man named Pratak comes to the door, opening it. He stares at Manish, with a deathly snarl painted upon his face.

Pratak: Who are you?

Manish: My name is Manish, here, my papers, my passport.

He hands these to Pratak, who looks them up and down, again not being rid of the snarl.

Pratak: This way

Manish: ok

They walk down the corridor towards the room which Manish will be staying in.

Pratak: You hungry

Manish: No

Pratak: Good, I have no food for you. Here you sleep here. Go in, sleep, and don’t come out till it is time for work.

Manish: Thank you, will you wake me up.

Pratak: Do I look like your Bastard Mother. Go in, sleep come down in morning. Don’t expect breakfast.

Pratak slams the door, leaving Manish in a room all by himself. He looks around, feeling lost and a little emotional. He takes a seat on the bed, unloading his things. He finds a picture of his mother and the life he left behind in India. He smiles to himself. He is then startled when a person sleeping on the bed near him called Sanjeev awakes.

Manish: Hello

Sanjeev: Good evening. Oh shit is that the time, better go.

Manish: Where are you going?

Sanjeev: I start work at the factory in twenty minutes.

Manish: Oh ok.

Sanjeev jumps to his feet and starts to get ready as Manish remains sitting on the bed.

Manish: My names Manish

Sanjeev: Yes, Yes, my name is Sanjeev. Now you go to sleep, got knows you will need it.

Sanjeev walks out, closing the door behind him, leaving Manish remaining on the bed, looking off into the distance.

Manish awakes the next morning to a loud thud at the door.

Pratak: Get up, time to wake. Time to go to work.

Manish looks around and rubs his eyes. He gets up, stretches and makes his way out.

Pratak: You want me to come help you out. Get up now, I have got all fucking day.

Manish: Ok I’m coming

Pratak: We have your breakfast.

Manish: We?

Manish runs outside and makes his way towards the breakfast room. He takes a seat and see’s Pratak sitting there with a girl Rani and another character Anuj. Manish takes a seat.

Pratak: Not there

Manish: what

Pratak: Viraj sits there

Manish: who’s Viraj?

Rani: he’s the person who owns this house. He pays for us to live here.

Pratak: (Angry) He is the reason you are here. Now move.

Manish: Fine I’ll move

Pratak: good.

In walks Viraj, in a slick suit and sits right where Manish was sitting.

Pratak: Morning Viraj

Rani: Morning

Anuj: Good morning

Viraj: Good morning all of you, Ah this must be our new recruit, Manish I believe.

Manish: Good Morning sir

Viraj: Welcome, are you happy with everything.

Manish: Yes it is very good

Viraj: Excellent. I try to help as many of our boys and girls as I can when they come here. I try to give them a real home, a real family. I have many people come in and leave being better than they have ever been.

Manish: Thank you sir.

Viraj: Now I have taken the liberty of looking after your things. All your essential things, Passport, Visa documents, whatever, I will look after them for you, just so you don’t have to worry about them, ok.

Manish: (perplexed) can’t I just look after them myself?

Rani brings food to Viraj and places it in front of him. He digs his fingers in and starts to eat.

Viraj: It’s just what we do, just so I can take care of you all, huh.

Manish: (confused) Ok

Pratak: right, time for work

Viraj: Manish, You will go to the factory that Pratak works for. The boss, Jagdeep, good man will give you job. Punjabi like yourself.

Manish: Thank you.


Machinery surrounds them as Jagdeep leads Manish up and down the rows.

Jagdeep: So this is the textile room. You will be working on these machines. I do not want to clean up after you so make sure you do not hurt yourself. Do you understand?

Manish: yes

Jagdeep: Ok, do a good job and I will pay you £200 for the week. Cash in hand, keep it quiet. I don’t need not fucking Inland Revenue on my arse. You understand?

Manish: Yes

Jagdeep: Ok, get on with it.

Manish walks over and stands next to Anuj as they start working.

Anuj: So why did you come to England

Manish: It is a better life I guess. Better for everybody, back home I mean.

Anuj: Well yeah I guess, but what about everybody you left behind.

Manish: It’s only me and my mum. When I get enough money, I’m going to try and get her to come to this country. Maybe have a home for us both.

Anuj: That’s what I thought I could do. I have my family back home. I just want to make enough money to take home to them.

Manish: that’s good. So what is it like staying with Viraj?

Anuj: (Nervously looks around before speaking) well it’s ok. He helps us all, makes sure we are all safe.

Manish: Ok, that sounds good.

Rani: hey guys

Anuj: Hi Rani, Manish did you get a chance to meet Rani

Manish: No I did not

Rani: (they shake hands) Hi. I have to work here as well.

Manish: so what do you do here?

Rani: I clean up the mess you guys all leave

Anuj: Yes she does

Manish: well that’s good

Rani: well I better get back to work.

Manish: Ok bye

Anuj: see you soon.

Rani walks away leaving Manish and Anuj looking back at her as she wonders off.

Manish: she seems nice

Anuj: yeah. She’s very young but she will cope I hope.

Manish: where is she from?

Anuj: She’s Bengali. I’m from Gujarat in case you’re wondering.

Manish: oh ok. Do we get to stop for lunch?

Anuj: Um no, we usually have to eat as we work. It just stops us from getting away from the work.

Manish: (perplexed) Ok, fair enough.

Manish and Anuj find themselves walking back into the house after working a long shift at the factory. Manish see’s Sanjeev as he is making his way to work and decides it would be best for him to go and watch television with Anuj. Anuj is watching an Indian film in the living room.

Manish: What are you watching?

Anuj: Sholay

Manish: Oh I love this film

Anuj: Always reminds me of home.

Manish looks over and can see Pratak siting in a vest drinking a beer and watching the film. Closing his eyes every time the songs come on.

Manish: I wonder if Rani wants to come down and watch.

Anuj: (hesitantly) I think she might be busy.

Manish: she’ll love this

Manish gets up to go and get her, however Anuj places his hand on his arm and pulls him back down. He shakes his head.

Anuj: It’s probably best if you leave her.

Manish looks very confused but decides to remain sitting.

Pratak: oi bastard

Manish: (whispers to Anuj) who is he talking

Pratak: You bastard, fetch me another beer.

Anuj: I’ll get it for you

Pratak: No, I want him to get me it.

Manish: Why me

Pratak: I want to see how well you take orders.

Anuj: Please I will get it

Manish: No, Its fine. I might have one myself.

Manish gets up walks over to the fridge, gets a couple of beer cans, walks back. He gives one to Pratak and keeps one for himself.

Pratak: (smiling) I like you Manish. Viraj will like some groceries, can you two go out and get some.

Anuj: It is very late

Pratak: (Angry) I don’t care if it is late. There is a twenty four seven supermarket nearby. I say you fucking go. List is on the fridge.

Manish: Come on let’s go.

Manish and Anuj get up, leaving Pratak on his own and head out. They walk towards the door and go out to the shops. There are a number of people walking past as they walk down the street. This is the first time Manish has had a chance to actually see the streets of Leicester, so he is taken back by it all. He see’s cars and lights along Melton Road.

Manish: I have not seen many English people while living here.

Anuj: You’re in Belgrave. We have mostly Indians here. Well, we are going towards Leicester city, so you will see a lot of English people now.

Manish: well that’s good, if I wanted to see Indians I would’ve stayed home.

Anuj: yeah that is true.

Manish: do you know where this twenty four seven place is

Anuj: Pratak says twenty four seven, it’s just an off licence near Newark.

Manish: Ok, I will ask them.

Manish walks over to two Indian looking people and believes they will help him.

Manish: excuse me brother, do you know where Newark is.

Character one: Um yeah it’s down that way

Manish: thank you

Character two: (Imitating Manish’s accent) you’re welcome

The two of them walk away and Manish is a bit shocked by them mocking them.

Character one: wow what a couple of freshies

Character two: yeah I know.

Manish: (confused) why are they making fun of us.

Anuj: I don’t know, some Indians from England think they can call us names.

Manish: well, that’s not nice.

Anuj: take no notice. They’re just having fun.

They walk further down until they make their way towards Newark. They see a giant store in front of them, all coloured in green. They walk inside and look around for food.

Manish: so what was is Viraj wanted.

Anuj: hold on let me look at the list. It says here that he would like some chicken, turmeric, rice, potatoes, milk, bread and butter and a lot of other spices.

Manish: ok, let’s have a look.

They walk down the aisle until they see the character Sarah who works at the store.

Sarah: do you guys need any help?

Manish: um, uh, yes, um no, um

Sarah: ok, do you know what you’re looking for?

Anuj: we looking for these

Sarah: Ok, I’ll show you.

Sarah takes them down the aisle to show them the different spices that are on offer in the store.

Sarah: so these are your spices, you should find everything you need here.

Manish: (Abruptly) thank you

Sarah: (chuckling) your welcome. Walks away leaving Anuj and Manish looking back at her.

Anuj: Well, that was interesting.

Manish: (to himself) she’s beautiful

Anuj: Beautiful you say

Manish: Shut up

Manish begins to walk away, as Anuj follows closely behind to taunt him.

Anuj: Oh is she so beautiful, beautiful like a rose. Oh Hai bale bale, mere dil.

Manish: You’re an arse.

They gather their groceries and make their way to the front of the counter where they see Sarah once again stacking shelves.

Manish: Hello

Sarah: Hi

Manish: You stack well.

Sarah: (looking at her chest) Excuse me?

Manish: I mean, you stack shelves well.

Sarah: Oh, thank you.

Manish: I’ll look forward to seeing you again

Anuj: Manish come on let’s go.

Sarah: I’ll look forward to seeing you again, Manish.

Manish: Ok, I didn’t get your name.

Sarah: It’s Sarah

Manish: I’m Manish

Sarah: I know (chuckles)

Anuj: Manish, let’s go.

Manish: Ok bye

Sarah: (Under her breath) Bye Manish.

Manish and Anuj walk down the street with the groceries, looking at the lights that are shining through them.

Anuj: Well, lover boy, I think you will be going there again.

Manish: Shut up, I was just being friendly.

Anuj: yes, very friendly. Oh Sarah, oh Sarah, I want to have your babies.

Manish: Shut up. Besides, a girl like her, she wouldn’t go for a guy like me.

Anuj: What an idiot

Manish: No, just not me.

Anuj: Ok.

They walk a little further until they are almost knocked over by a speeding car. They look at each other, stunned.

Manish: Why is it so busy here?

Anuj: I know, there’s just people and cars everywhere.

Manish: Come on let’s just get home.

Scene set back at the house coming in the kitchen through to the living room. Anuj and Manish have come through the door, with Pratak sitting at the table with Viraj sitting on the sofa in the living room.

Pratak: Welcome back

Anuj: Hi, we got everything you asked for.

Pratak: that’s good.

Manish: yeah, we even had money left over.

Pratak: very good, very good.

Anuj: We would’ve been sooner, but Manish held us up.

Manish: Hey shut up.

Pratak: Held you up how?

Anuj: Oh its nothing, he just got talking to a girl.

Manish: Yeah nothing special.

Viraj: What do you mean, talking to a girl?

Manish: it was nothing, just saying hello.

Viraj raises from his seat and walks over to the two of them putting their shopping away. Pratak also stands, glaring at the two of them as he does so.

Viraj: what do you mean, a girl?

Manish: just some girl, no big deal.

Viraj: No big deal.

Anuj: Yeah, just a simple talk.

Viraj then slaps Anuj across the face, causing him to rock backwards.

Viraj: (Angry) you know what it means when you bring a girl here. It means that you are bringing them into our lives, bringing them here to stop you from being here. For all you know, she could be linked to many people here, who want to take you all away from me.

Manish: (startled) ok I’m sorry.

Viraj: (calmer and more reserved) No, no, I’m sorry. I should have told you all of this. Anuj.

Anuj: Yeah.

Viraj: (placing his hands on Anuj’s face and kisses him on the cheek) I’m sorry I hurt you. I am only trying to look after you. You are my children now you are here. And I, like father, have to protect you all. You understand.

Anuj: I understand

Manish: yeah, me too.

Pratak: well that’s good.

Sanjeev enters the room to get ready to leave for work.

Pratak: Welcome Sanjeev.

Sanjeev: Hello.

Viraj: Are you going to make your earnings.

Sanjeev stops and looks up. He is disgruntled by the question and turns to face Viraj.

Sanjeev: Yes I am.

Viraj: Oh that’s good, I believe today is your pay day, isn’t it.

Sanjeev: (frustrated) Yes it is

Viraj: Well that’s good. You go enjoy work, we will talk more in the morning.

Sanjeev does not acknowledge him and just turns and walks away. He leaves and the rest of them look away.

Viraj: Well, you two finish putting the shopping away. Pratak, you have had enough beer, you go to bed now.

Pratak: yeah, I guess so, I’ll see you tomorrow.

Viraj: I’m going to bed, you two have to be up early.

Anuj: Goodnight Viraj

Manish: Goodnight.

Viraj and Pratak leave and go upstairs. Manish and Anuj stand looking at them as they leave.

Manish: Well that was interesting.

Anuj: I know.

Manish: Are you ok

Anuj: yeah, I’ve had worse.

Manish: Yeah. Oh hold on, I need to go toilet.

Anuj: make sure you wash your hands

Manish: Why would you remind me to do that?

Anuj: I don’t know, I just felt like saying that.

Manish: You’re weird

Anuj: Also don’t forget to flush

Manish: Seriously

Anuj: (chuckling) yeah.

Manish makes his way upstairs and looks over. He is taken back by what he sees. He sees Rani standing outside of Viraj’s bedroom. He pauses as she looks over at him.

Viraj: Rani, come.

Rani looks at Manish, before turning away and walking into Viraj’s room. Manish looks forward, stunned and not sure what to do. Manish walks off, feeling a little stunned, however not wanting to think too much about it.

Scene set at the factory

Manish and Anuj are working going through the threads on the machine.

Manish: I have something to ask you

Anuj: what?

Manish: Promise you won’t make a big deal about it

Anuj: Just bloody tell me.

Manish: I saw Rani going into Viraj’s room last night

Anuj: Yeah. That happens.

Manish: What do you mean, “That happens”?

Anuj: I don’t know Manish, it just does.

Rani walks up to them and is cleaning.

Manish: Hi Rani

Rani: Hi Manish.

Manish: Is everything ok

Rani: Manish, don’t make a big deal

Anuj: yeah, it’s best that you don’t

Manish: Ok, I’m not going to forget it.

Rani: Just as long as you don’t go on about it.

Manish: Ok

Jagdeep comes walking down the aisle and looks at them all. He has with him a tall Indian gentleman called Nayan.

Jagdeep: good job guys. This is Nayan, my nephew. He will be your new floor manager. Any questions you have, you send it to him.

Nayan: Hey guys how you doing?

Jagdeep: Actually while I’ve got you here, Manish, I need you do to me a favour. Can you run down to the store, here is £20 and can you get me some bags of crisps. We’re going to have party now Nayan has joined the team. The big multi packs, just get me three of those. I’m expecting change.

Manish: yes sir.

Manish takes the money and rushes out. He heads straight out. The next scene he is set in the store buying the crisps. He buys them and walks out. He is about to walk back when Warwick is behind him.

Warwick: Oi, Manish

Manish: Is that, Warwick

Warwick: How are you man? I don’t usually recognise any of my passengers, but you seem to be somebody I couldn’t forget.

Manish: I’m doing great

Warwick: that’s good. So how you been mate, how you finding England. Loving the sun we’re having in Leicester, doesn’t happen very often.

Manish: Yeah. I thought you said you live in Nottingham.

Warwick: I’m from Nottingham, now I live in Leicester.  Because of the wife. She’s here actually if you want to meet her. Anne, Anne.

Anne: What is it Warwick.

Warwick: I want you to meet someone.

Anne: who’s that then?

Warwick: this here, is Manish

Manish: hello

Anne: Hello Manish, let me have a look at you. Handsome fella isn’t he.

Warwick: (chuckling) watch it you, you might be running of before I know it.

Anne: Oh I’m only’ joking. Well, Manish, am I saying that right?

Manish: Yes you are.

Anne: well that’s good. That’s a lot of crisps you have there.

Manish: oh my boss told me to get them.

Warwick: things we have to do to move up.

Manish: Yeah

Warwick: so where you working

Manish: I work at the Sahota Textile factory.

Warwick: Oh yeah. Not a bad place that. They make a killing at the market.

Anne: Yeah, they also sell to all the shops up and this this street. The sari shops that is.

Manish: wow.

Warwick: Where you living Manish

Manish: Oh I live down there on that street.

Warwick: oh ok. Who is it you’re staying with?

Manish: He doesn’t like me saying, but his name is Viraj. Viraj Baseen.

Warwick: (Stunned) Baseen.

Manish: yeah, you heard of him.

Warwick: Um yeah, I know of him. Look Manish, you just take care of yourself mate.

Manish: ok. I will see you soon.

Anne: Good bye Manish.

Warwick: See you mate.

Manish runs of with the bags of crisps in his hands, leaving Warwick and Anne looking back at him.

Anne: well he seems nice.

Warwick: yeah he’s a good lad.

Next scene set back in the factory.

Manish runs in with the crisps.

Jagdeep: Fucking hell Manish, you took your time.

Manish: sorry sir

Nayan: we were going to have a party with no nibbles.

Jagdeep: anyway, Anuj, Manish need you two to come upstairs, I have your payment for the week.

Anuj: Ok sir.

Manish: yeah, we’ll be straight up.

Manish and Anuj hear straight upstairs and stand in front of Jagdeep. Jagdeep looks at them and strums through wads of money.

Jagdeep: here is £150 for you Anuj and £150 for you Manish.

Anuj: Thank you

Manish: Thank you sir

Jagdeep: now that is your money. I want you to spend that how you want to, ok.

Nayan: Take care guys.

Next scene is set back at the house.

Anuj and Manish are walking inside.

Anuj: Well, thank god we got paid.

Manish: yeah, all of those hours, I feel like we never even get a day off.

Anuj: we don’t, that’s why we have to come home so late.

Manish: I am starving.

Anuj: You know what I’m craving. Dokla, rotli, kegree.

Manish: Ok, you enjoy those side dishes. I want some good tandoori chicken, aloo paratha, mutton biriyani, I would love it.

Viraj: Oh boys

Manish: hello Viraj

Anuj: hello

Pratak: come over her guys.

The two of them walk over to Viraj, cautiously as they do so.

Viraj: I hear the two of you got paid today.

Pratak: come on, envelopes out.

Viraj: Anuj let’s start with you.

Anuj pulls out his envelope and shows it to him.

Viraj: Ok let’s have a look here. So you have £150, so I will take my cut, which leaves you with £40. Here you go.

Anuj: (defeated) thank you sir

Viraj: Ok, Manish your turn.

Manish: what, no

Pratak: Now Manish

Viraj: It’s ok. Just give me the envelope.

Manish: why

Viraj: you worked hard for the money I know. But I have to pay for your bed, pay for your food, pay for your warmth, your comfort. I have to do all of this. So I need you to help to me do this.

Manish: I just…

Pratak: You pay, or we take

Viraj: Pratak, he doesn’t know. Manish, this is only fair. It is only fair that you pay your way in the house.

Manish: (reluctantly) ok.

Manish passes Viraj the envelope and looks as he rummages through it.

Viraj: Ok, so £150 here, so I will take my cut. Now your cut is here, £40.

Pratak: say thank you

Manish: thank you.

Viraj: I know you might think it is unfair. But this is so I know you are willing to help us while we are here.

Manish takes his money and walks away. He walks past Anuj who follows closely behind.

Pratak: he’s going to be trouble

Viraj: no, he will learn.

Manish walks into his room and is stunned when he sees Rani sitting on his bed. She is half dressed, dazed and breathing heavily.

Manish: Rani

Rani: Oh, hi Manish

Manish: What are you doing?

Rani staggers up to her feet and walks over to him.

Rani: Oh I’m doing nothing. I, um, I’m not meant to be here.

Manish: Where are your clothes?

Rani: I don’t know, I just woke up like this.

Manish: Are you ok?

Rani: I’m fine, thanks. See you soon.

Rani walks out, leaving Manish in the bedroom. Manish sits on the bed as he feels he is too annoyed to care about what Rani is going through.

Scene set outside of the house and on the street.

Manish walks down until he sees Sarah helping with some packaging outside of the store.

Sarah: Hi

Manish: hi there.

Sarah: Manish right?

Manish: yeah, Sarah.

Sarah: yeah. What you up to?

Manish: oh nothing. Just walking down the street

Sarah: that sounds like fun.

Manish: yeah. Ok I will see you soon

Sarah: Oh, ok.

Manish: wait. I know I have only seen you in a store and seen you now. But you have the most amazing, eyes.

Sarah: (smiles) thanks

Manish: ok bye now.

Sarah: wait

Manish: Yeah

Sarah: what are you doing tomorrow night?

Manish: Um, nothing.

Sarah: well, there’s a party, well not really a part it’s my friend doing it. It’s his band, their playing at the shack. It’s just down the road from here. It starts at nine o’clock.  Also, if you’re with me, you can be seen as a VIP, so it’s free drink. If you’re interested, come down.

Manish: yeah sure. Um, what should I wear?

Sarah: (chuckling) just t-shirt and jeans.

Manish: ok

Sarah: um, just meet me here at nine, and we will head down.

Manish: ok. I will see you there.

Sarah: see you then.

Manish: Yeah, I will be here, you will be here

Sarah: sounds about right

Manish: Ok, I will see you then

Sarah: cool, see you.

Scene set back at the factory. Manish and Anuj are working on the machine, going through the different threads.

Anuj: Where did you go last night?

Manish: I just felt like going for a walk.

Anuj: Oh yeah, go anywhere nice

Manish: well, I saw Sarah from the store.

Anuj: Yeah, how is she?

Manish: she is fine. I am seeing her tonight, I’m going to a party with her.

Anuj: What do you mean?

Manish: I am going to see her and go to see a band.

Anuj: What? Does Viraj know?

Manish: Um, no. I don’t think we should tell him.

Anuj: Yeah, I will keep it quiet.

Manish: Thanks, I owe you one.

Anuj: Do you know what you’re wearing

Manish: I have a t-shirt and jeans, I will just wear that.

Anuj: just home you don’t look too much like you’re from India

Manish: what? I am from India.

Anuj: I know but, try not to look too much like it.

Manish: you’re weird.

Manish is dressed up in his room and has on a black t-shirt with jeans. He boots on some boots and combs back his hair. He decides to walk out, sneaking passed, making sure not to make too much of a noise. He makes his way out and leaves.

Next scene setting is outside of the store.

Sarah: Hi

Manish Hey, You look amazing

Sarah: thanks, you don’t look to bad yourself.

Manish: Thank you.

Sarah: Right, You ready to go.

Manish: Yeah, of course.

They walk down and they come to a hall.

Scene set in a music hall, surrounded by a lot of people. A band standing at the end of the stage. Crowd very cheerful.

Characters: Sarah, Gazza and Manish

Manish: Wow, there really good

Sarah: yeah their always really good.

The band performs and the crowd cheers more.

Sarah: do you want a drink

Manish: yeah go on then.

Sarah: here, have a beer

Manish: Thank you

Sarah: cheers

Manish: cheers

Sarah: how does it taste?

Manish: it tastes good

Gazza: ok everyone, we’re going to take a quick break. We’ll be right back.

Crowd cheers as Gazza walks over to Sarah to say hello

Sarah: hey Gazza

Gazza: Hey Sarah.

They quickly hug to show their friendship.

Gazza: so who’s this?

Sarah: this is Manish

Gazza: hey fella

Manish: hi there

Gazza: so how did you two meet?

Sarah: we met at the store

Gazza: oh, you’re still working there

Sarah: yeah, only part time while I’m studying.

Gazza: that’s great, I see you guys finished your drinks, How about another one each.

Manish: that would be great

Sarah: I think a vodka coke each

Gazza: you read my mind.

Gazza walks away to get the drinks

Manish: he seems nice

Sarah: yeah has great isn’t he

Manish: oh

Sarah: whats up

Manish: I didn’t know you two were

Sarah: oh no, Gazza and me. No, he’s just a really close friend of mine. A bit like a brother.

Manish: Oh ok.

Sarah: why?

Manish: Oh no reason

Gazza: here you go guys

Manish: Thanks

Sarah: Cheers Gazza

Gazza: ok, down in one

Sarah: seriously

Gazza: yeah, I got to get back on stage in a bit. So down in one.

Manish: ok

Sarah: fair enough

They down their drinks and squirm as they do so.

Sarah: well that was nice. Manish, how you feeling

Manish: I feel good, yeah.

Gazza: right, I got to get back on stage. Chat to you after the show.

Sarah: ok see you in a bit

Manish: see you.

Gazza walks off through the crowd and back onto the stage. Manish goes and gets two more drinks for him and Sarah:

Sarah: well, somebody’s enjoying themselves.

Manish: I just want to say thank you for inviting me out.

Sara: well you are very welcome

Manish: ok, let’s get a few more.

Sarah: cheeky.

The band is playing the music and the crowd is continuously dancing. Manish and Sarah continue to down drinks, they are dancing as well and sometimes dancing closer to each other. After the band has finished Sarah and Manish are outside talking to one another.

Sarah: well this has been great

Manish: yeah, thank you for inviting me out.

Sarah: I’m glad you came.

Manish: Yeah, um.

Sarah: What?

Manish: There’s things I want to say to you, but I can’t

Sarah: why, just say anything.

Manish: I could, no.

Sarah: what do you want to say?

Manish: I’m just a man, not from here, I need to know more about you.

Sarah: What do you need to know?

Manish: Um you said you work part time at the store

Sarah: (chuckles slightly) Well, I work there yes, for the time being. I am originally from Manchester. I studied at Leicester University in English literature and got a degree. I am now studying my PGCE to become a teacher. Now tell me something about you.

Manish: Well, I’m from India, I work in a factory, that’s it.

Sarah: that’s it, so far.

Manish: I guess

Sarah: (chuckles) shut up

Sarah then leans in and kisses Manish on the lips. They then embrace each other and Manish looks her in the eyes.

Sarah: so what now

Manish: I want us to stay here forever. But I have to go, I have to go to work tomorrow.

Sarah: it seems like you work every day

Manish: that’s because I do.

Sarah: when will I see you again?

Manish: I will be outside the store tomorrow. Nine o’clock, I will see you.

Sarah: Ok, I will see you then.

Manish: see you.

Scene set back in the living room.

Characters: Viraj, Rani, Pratak and Manish.

Viraj is sitting in the living room with Rani, Pratak is in the kitchen drinking a beer. There is an Indian film on the TV.

Pratak: We are running low on beer

Viraj: well maybe if you didn’t drink so much, we would have some.

Pratak: well it tastes good

Viraj: that is true. Oi Rani, go get me some water.

Rani gets up and walks to the sink, pours him a glass and brings it back.  As soon as she places the water down, a song comes on.

Viraj: I love this song. Rani, don’t sit down. Dance

Rani: I’m a little tired

Viraj: I don’t care, dance.

Rani begins to dance, however she is very reluctant to do so. Pratak laughs as she does so.

Viraj: You look too skinny. Probably because of all the work you do at the factory. I think you should stop working there. Just stay here with me.

Rani: but how will I make any money.

Viraj: If you need anything you can always ask me.

Rani: ok

Viraj: did I say stop dancing.

Rani: I don’t feel well

Viraj: you never do these days.

Pratak: probably from all the parties you take her to

Viraj: yeah, she’s an embarrassment. Sit down, you’re making a fool of yourself.

Manish walks through the door and see’s everybody sitting in the living room and kitchen.

Pratak: well look who’s arrived.

Manish: hello

Pratak: do you know what time it is?

Manish: it’s not too late

Pratak: three in the morning, you also look drunk.

Manish: I’m fine

Viraj: Manish, come here

Manish: Yes

Viraj: where were you?

Manish: I was just out.

Viraj: You do know you have work in the morning.

Manish: I’ll be fine

Viraj: this girl here used to keep saying she will be fine.

Rani: Viraj, stop it

Viraj: (Angry) do you know who you’re talking to. You shut up. (Calmer) Now, Manish, you see Rani here, she used to like to go out. Now look at her, she can barely hold her head up. She is skinny, disgusting, and a waste of space.

Manish: Don’t speak to her like that

Pratak: (raising to his face aggressively) you know your place Manish.

Manish: Pratak I am not in the mood

Pratak: You speak when your spoken too Bastard

Viraj: Pratak, it’s ok. Manish, you’re entitled to your fun.

Manish: I’m sorry if I upset you

Viraj: It’s ok Manish my boy. (Raises to his feet and brings Rani up with him.) But if you defied me again. (Pulls out a pair of keys) I will make you pay for it.

Viraj places the keys on Rani’s face and pulls down cutting her.

Rani: (screams) Viraj

Manish: No

Viraj: take her with you

Viraj grabs Rani and throws her towards Manish. Manish catches her and keeps her standing upright.

Manish: come on let’s go

Rani: It hurts

Viraj: go on, just get out of here.

Manish walks Rani to her room and places her on her bed.

Manish: we need to get a tissue, clean up the blood.

Rani: there’s some wet wipes in the draw

Manish rummages through to get them. Rani meanwhile leans over and gets a picture from the side.

Rani: I used to be so beautiful once. I remember coming here, feeling that my life will be so great, thinking that I will have a big house, lots of money, maybe even a husband.

Manish: you can still have those things.

Rani: How will I get any of that now? No man will marry me now. Not after all I’ve been through.

Manish wipes her face

Manish: You’re still beautiful

Rani: You’re sweet. I was sixteen when I came here. Viraj brought me here, told my family he will give me a better life.

Manish: How does Viraj know you?

Rani: he’s my uncle. I have been here for five years now. At first it seemed so great. He said he will put me through school. Send me to university, I could have a career. But it was a month after I was here, that he started making me go to his, parties.

Manish: what happens at the parties?

Rani: I don’t really know. I’m usually passed out for most of them.

Manish: I’m so sorry Rani, you shouldn’t have to do any of that.

Rani: Thanks.

Manish: why don’t you just leave, just get out of here. Maybe even go home.

Rani: how will I do that? I have no money, no passport.

Manish: Passport. Viraj has them.

Rani: he keeps them locked away.

Manish: well we can just take them can’t we?

Rani: he has people that will stop us. Sanjeev tried to leave once. Pratak beat him so badly he couldn’t walk for a week.

Manish: I will try to save up as much money as I can. I will try and buy our way out of here. Maybe pay for a coach ticket, a train ticket away from here.

Rani: good luck with that. I’m tired now. I’m going to sleep.

Manish: Ok, I will see you in the morning.

Rani: whatever

Manish walks out as Rani falls asleep. Manish leaves and heads straight to his room, walks inside and lies down. He lies there and dozes off.

Scene set at the factory

Anuj: What happened yesterday?

Manish: oh the evening was amazing. The band was great and I might go and see Sarah again tonight.

Anuj: No not that. I heard a lot of shouting last night.

Manish: Yeah, Viraj cut Rani and, I don’t know. It’s just a whole pile of shit in that house. I think I better leave.

Anuj: Leave? That would be impossible.

Manish: how?

Anuj: Don’t you realise. I have been here long enough to ask enough people for enough information. Did you wonder why you were able to get a job here so easily? Well, Jagdeep is married to a woman named Sarita, who is the niece of Viraj. So if you work here, you help to keep their industry going, which makes money for Viraj and money for Jagdeep. So With Nayan coming in, we will most likely be working to make him money as well. We are not the first to have come here. Look around you, everybody here is from somewhere. How many people do you hear speaking English? Viraj only stays with us, but you only ever see him at night and rarely in the morning. He has other properties, which house people like us, run by people like Pratak.

Manish: How do you all of this?

Nayan: yes Anuj, how do you know all of this?

Anuj: oh, Nayan, Um

Nayan: I think you better come with me.

Manish runs and stands in front of Anuj to prevent Nayan from getting any closer.

Nayan: Manish, don’t be stupid, just get the fuck out the way,

Manish: No, get away.

Nayan: look you stupid fresher, just fuck off out the way now.

Manish: no fuck you

Nayan: (imitating Manish’s accent) oh fuck me, me go fuck.

Anuj: Please I won’t say anything.

Nayan: I’m sorry Anuj, you have to come with me.  Oh look whose coming.

Jagdeep walks towards them with two large men. They gaze over at Manish and Anuj as they look forward.

Jagdeep: Hello there gentlemen. Now, things are looking a little tense over here.

Nayan: Anuj seems to know a little too much.

Anuj: I promise I won’t talk

Manish: please it’s just a misunderstanding.

Nayan: these two twats need to know when to keep their mouths shut.

Anuj: Manish didn’t know any of it.

Nayan: well he does now, seeing as you decided to blurt your mouth off.

Jagdeep: bring them

The two men with Jagdeep walk over to Manish and Anuj, grabbing them by the shoulders and begin to drag them away. The rest of the workers look over and halt their working.

Anuj: no please no

Manish: get off us.

Manish and Anuj are dragged away from the factory as the other workers try not to look but have stopped working

Nayan: Well fucking get back to work.

The rest of the workers continue as Nayan walks away.

Scene: Nayan, Jagdeep, Anuj and Manish are accompanied by two other men. Also featuring is Pratak and Viraj.

Jagdeep: get in there now.

Nayan: We don’t want any moaning.

Anuj, please, please no.

Manish: let us go.

Jagdeep: will you shut up.

Nayan: grab him.

The two men who have come with Jagdeep both walk over and grab Anuj. They hold him up by his shoulders and present him.

Anuj: no, don’t

Manish: let him go

Nayan: you back away

Manish: get off him.

Jagdeep: calm down Manish. You will get back to work soon.

Manish: I will never work for you again

Jagdeep: oh yeah. Who are you going to work for? Who will you ask for work? Shut up, we have somebody who wants to see you.

Viraj and Pratak walks inside and looks upon everyone.

Viraj: Hello Jagdeep, how are you. Nayan, wow you have grown so much.

Jagdeep: Viraj, it’s a pleasure to see you.

Nayan: Hello Viraj

Pratak: so what have these two done?

Nayan: well, Anuj found out some information. He decided to start blabbing about it. I heard him saying it.

Anuj: please, I won’t say anything.

Viraj: Anuj, you stupid boy. Now we have to punish you. We can’t trust that you will not go telling everybody what you know.

Manish: why are you ashamed?

Pratak walks right up to Manish and slaps him across the face.

Pratak: you really need to learn to speak when spoken too.

Nayan: Pratak, can you come over her

Nayan and Pratak start to look through some took in a box that is nearby.

Viraj: Jagdeep, so how is your mother

Jagdeep: she’s fine, same as always.

Viraj: yeah, so you know when pink’s wedding is?

Jagdeep: Oh, shit when it is, um I think it’s in June.

Viraj: yeah that sounds about right.

Jagdeep: Yeah I think so

Viraj: Oh, did you get the money I sent to your daughter

Jagdeep: Yes I got it, I gave it to her. Thank you for it all.

Viraj: well she is getting married.

Jagdeep: yes, she is.

Nayan: we’re ready.

Viraj: oh good

Jagdeep: Viraj, you want whisky?

Viraj: yes of course

Jagdeep: good

Jagdeep leans down and gets a bottle with two glasses. He pours one out for himself and one for Viraj.

Pratak: which one is first?

Viraj: well, as Anuj was the one who was sprouting his mouth, I say he will be first.

Anuj: please no please.

Manish: leave him alone.

Pratak walks over to Manish and punches him in the stomach causing him to collapse.

Pratak: sorry, just he was annoying me.

Jagdeep: ok

Pratak: right then, hold him up. (The two men standing either side of Anuj raise him to his feet) Nayan, wrench.

Nayan passes Pratak a wrench and Pratak begins to hit Anuj in the ribs.

Manish: no

Nayan then grabs a cricket bat and begins to hit Aung on the head, causing him to fall to his side. Nayan then continues to hit him on the side.

Jagdeep: another glass Viraj

Viraj: yes please.

Jagdeep pours Viraj another glass as Pratak and Nayan continue to beat up Anuj.

Manish: Fuck you guys.

Manish gets up and runs at Nayan and Pratak. The two people holding up Anuj, grab him and throw him to the ground.

Anuj: Manish, run.

Nayan: get him

Manish gets up and runs away. He runs faster and faster until he is away from them.

Pratak: go get him

The two henchmen run either side, Manish decides to jump into a dumpster and hides. Manish waits there for a while, even when it becomes evening.

Scene set back at the house

Characters: Anuj, Viraj, Pratak and Rani.

Viraj and Pratak walk into the house holding Anuj with them.

Viraj: Put him over there Pratak.

Pratak places an unconscious Anuj on the floor in the kitchen.

Pratak: You want a beer

Viraj: no, you go ahead, I’m going to see what is on the television.

Pratak: ok

Viraj walks into the living room. However he stops still as he sees Rani lying on the sofa with foam coming out of her mouth. There are pills on the table next to her and a bottle of whisky.

Viraj: Rani. RANI!!

Virk runs over to her and grabs her.

Viraj: Rani, why Rani why.

Pratak: shit.

Viraj: she isn’t breathing. You stupid girl.

Pratak: what should we do with her?

Viraj: leave her here. We still need to get Manish.

Pratak: he can’t be too far.

Viraj: no, but, we should check to see if he is with that girl

Pratak: I saw him go into her house once. Maybe he is there.

Viraj: he probably is. Go and get him. Bring him here.

Pratak: what if he is not there?

Viraj: then bring her.

Pratak: ok

Pratak sits down to drink his beer


Pratak: ok sorry.

Pratak gets up and runs out. He leaves as Viraj remains caressing Rani. He holds her close and closes his eyes and holds her close.

Pratak runs over to and gets in touch with Nayan. They go over to Sarah’s house.

The doorbell rings

Sarah: who is it?

Sarah answers the door with Pratak and Nayan at the front door.

Pratak: where is he?

Sarah: where is who, who are you?

Nayan: Manish, we are here for Manish

Sarah: I don’t know where Manish is

Pratak get out the way

Pratak pushes Sarah to the ground and storms into her house. He looks around and sees there is no sign of Manish

Sarah: Get out of my house now.

Nayan: He’s not here

Pratak: Fine, then we take here.

Sarah: what get away from me?

Pratak and Nayan grab Sarah and drag her away, carrying her through to a car and throwing her into the back seat and drive off.

Manish climbs out of the dumpster in the middle of the night. He walks out and sees a bunch of benches and bins. A lot of people barge passed him, causing him to fall to the ground.

Warwick: Manish? Manish, what you doing down there.

Manish: it’s all gone to shit.

Warwick: whats wrong mate

Manish looks up at him and can’t help but burst into tears.

Warwick: come on mate, come and get yourself cleaned up.

Warwick helps Manish into his taxi and they drive off. They come to Warwick’s house and they are welcomes in by Anne.

Anne: Oh Manish, what happened to you?

Warwick: he’s been through the wars this one

Anne: oh let’s get him cleaned up.

Warwick: he needs to be cleaned up and have some food in him.

Manish goes into the shower and washes himself off. He comes out and he sees that Warwick has laid out some clothes for him. Manish gets changed and makes his way downstairs where Anne has cooked some food for him.

Warwick: Manish come, take a seat, Anne’s put out a pretty good spread.

Anne: come on Manish, I’ve got roast chicken, roast potatoes, veg and some lovely gravy. Here let me put out a plate for you.

Warwick: so is everything ok Manish?

Manish: well, it could be better.

Warwick: so why were you down there, lying on the floor?

Manish: I was in a dumpster before that.

Anne: why

Manish: I was being chased by the people I live with.

Anne: that’s terrible

Warwick: we should call the police

Manish: no, I don’t think that will help.

Anne: why

Manish: they will just use excuses, a way to get away with it.

Warwick: so what are you going to do?

Manish: I don’t know

Anne: well what you will do, is get eating.

Manish: I’m not really hungry

Warwick: come on Manish, you got to eat something.

Anne: just try it, you might like it.

Manish picks up a fork and pokes it into the meat. He takes a bite and realises how hungry he is, devouring the food and clearing his food.

Warwick: (chuckling) I think he likes it

Anne: (chuckling) seems like he does

Manish: (wiping his mouth) sorry

Warwick: don’t you worry mate, you eat.

Anne: reminds me of you

Warwick: how

Anne: Actually, you’re far messier

Warwick: cheeky

Manish and Warwick burst out laughing. The door opens and in walks Gazza

Anne: Oh Gareth, welcome home

Manish: Gazza

Gazza: alright Manish, what brings you here?

Warwick: Manish is a friend of ours. I thought I’d bring him over for dinner.

Gazza: well I hope you have a plate for me

Anne: of course I do.

Gazza: good, I’m starving.

Warwick: Manish, have you met our son Gareth, oh sorry I should call him Gazza

Manish: yes, we’re both friends with a girl called Sarah

Anne: lovely girl, really driven

Gazza: I think something is going on with her and Manish

Warwick: you kept that quiet Manish you little Casanova.

Manish: yeah, we have a, thing

Anne: well, send her my love next time you see her.

Manish: I will

Gazza: so Manish, how good are you at football

Manish: Um, I’m ok

Warwick: Your probably more of a cricket man aren’t you Manish

Manish: Um

Gazza: Dad!

Warwick: what?

Gazza: Just because he’s from India, doesn’t mean he is full on into cricket.

Warwick: Well I like cricket

Manish: I don’t mind cricket

Gazza: anyway, so Manish, football?

Manish: I’m pretty good at football.

Gazza: great, because on weekends we usually play down the park.

Gazza’s phone begins to ring before Manish has a chance to answer.

Warwick: his phone rings a lot Manish, probably because of that band he is in.

Gazza: yeah, shit, fuck, ok I’ll get down there.

Warwick: what is it?

Gazza: My mate was on the phone, its Sarah, somebody broke into her house and took her.

Manish: What?

Gazza: I need to head down there

Warwick: this is awful do they know what happened?

Gazza: well meet mate said there was two large Asian men who went to her house. He said they were asking for you Manish

Manish: I think I know who it is. I need to head home, their probably there

Gazza: I’m coming with you

Warwick: me to

Gazza: no dad, you stay here

Manish: Warwick, I can’t ask you to come with me

Warwick: you don’t have to, I’m coming anyway.

Manish: Ok

They get in the car and head down to Manish’s house. They rush to the front door and Manish barges it down.

Manish: Warwick, Gazza, stay close to me. Let’s look around the living room first.

Warwick: alright Manish

Manish: she has to be here somewhere

Manish stops still looking down. He sees Anuj bundled in the corner, with Rani lying on the sofa.

Manish: Oh my god. Anuj, what did they do to you? Anuj, Anuj.

Warwick: I’m sorry Manish, he’s stone cold.

Manish: fuck

Gazza: fuck indeed.

Pratak: yes fuck

Nayan: fuck indeed.

Pratak: you want your girlfriend bastard, she is upstairs with Jagdeep and Viraj. I’m sure they’ve had a good few goes on her.

Manish: you bastard

Warwick: come on let’s get through them.

Gazza: Manish, you go get her. We’ll hold them back.

Manish: ok, I’ll go get her

Manish runs passed as Gazza and Warwick try to hold back Nayan and Pratak. He runs up the stairs and can hear Sarah screaming for help. Manish runs to the room and bangs on the door. Jagdeep opens it and he can see Viraj sitting on a chair with Sarah tied up in the corner.

Jagdeep: Hello Manish

Manish: let her go, now.

Jagdeep: we can’t do that

Viraj: come and have a drink with us Manish

Manish: why are you doing this?

Viraj: we knew this would bring you here

Manish: well I’m here now, so let her go

Viraj: we have no choice now, she knows who we are, you know who we are, and we have to get rid of you.

Sarah: Manish, please

Manish: Sarah it will be ok

Viraj: I have taken care of you. I have fed you, bed you, treated you like a son. I am your mother and father and this is how you repay me?

Jagdeep: ungrateful.

Viraj: Jagdeep, deal with him.

Jagdeep and Manish fight. Jagdeep beats up Manish, however Manish manages to kick Jagdeep down the stairs, causing him to break his neck.  Manish is then about to run back when he sees Warwick on the ground.

Manish: Warwick, are you ok

Warwick: I’m alright lad, just a little tired. Not as young as I used to be.

Pratak: Back away Manish, this Gora is for me.

Manish: Pratak leave him alone.

Warwick: Gazza managed to get rid of the other guy. He’s gone to get the police. (Looks at Pratak) that’s right mate, you’re going down. Going to prison.

Viraj: I guess we better finish you off now then.

Viraj is standing at the top of the stairs holding up Sarah. He walks down the stairs with her, stepping over Jagdeep.

Manish: let her go

Pratak ounces Manish to the ground before he has a chance to get to him. They fight for a good while, causing Manish to struggle to breath. Then they heat the police sirens and stop.  Viraj turns and decides to run, throwing Sarah to the ground.

Manish: no get back here

Manish grabs Viraj and throws him to the ground. He begins to punch him over and over again until Pratak grabs him. As soon as he does, the police come barging into the house.

Police officer: Get them now.

Manish: Sarah

Sarah: Manish

They hold each other and walk out with Warwick. They see Gazza outside helping the police. They walk towards an ambulance and sit inside.

There is a news report on the television.

News reporter: In Leicester this has been an arrest. Viraj Baseen has had a long history of taking in immigrants and causing them to live in one of his houses. He would take away their passports, take their immigration papers so they would be trapped. He would then demand a percentage of the residence wage meaning they didn’t even have enough money to leave. There were numerous instances of female immigrants being taken to the house. They would go to these so called parties, where they were forced to have drugs, forced to drink excessive amounts of alcohol and have sex with numerous paying men. The main suspects Viraj Baseen and Pratak Rai have been arrested. Jagdeep Singh who ran the local factory was found dead after a broken neck. There will be further reports to find out what else happened at this house. There was a Rani Kanuho and an Anuj Patel who were found dead in the living room, but as I said further reports will be looked into.

Setting six months later. Manish has gone back to India and has Sarah staying with him for a visit.

Mother: Manish, tell Sarah that dinner is ready

Manish: Ok Mum

Mother: is everything ok

Manish: yeah, it’s just good to be home.

Mother: good, now go get Sarah.

Manish: Sarah

Sarah: yeah

Manish: Mum says dinner is ready

Sarah: good, I’ll be down in a second.

Manish: Actually, before we go down, I have something to ask you.

Sarah: yeah

Manish: I know it’s not the most romantic of places, being my bedroom. I know we haven’t known each other for long, but I feel strong for you than anybody I have ever known.

Sarah: Oh Manish

Manish: so what I am seeing, I mean asking is, will you marry me?

Sarah: of course I will, I love you.

Manish: I love you too.

They hug and embrace until they hear a banging at the door. They break up their hug as Manish looks at the door.

Manish: I better go get that, it might be uncle.

Sarah: ok, I’ll head to the dining room

Manish: Ok.

Sarah walks to the dining tom

Sarah: smells good aunty

Mother: Thank you, you’re very sweet. Here try this

Sarah: what is it?

Mother: Lassa, salt Lassa.

Sarah: Ok (takes a sip) ok, um it’s nice.

Mother: (chuckles) not everybody likes it.

Manish smiles and turns walking towards the door. He walks towards it and opens. He looks forward and stands stunned as he sees Nayan standing right in front of him.

Manish: Nayan.

Nayan pulls out a gun

Manish: ok, don’t do anything stupid.

Nayan pulls the trigger causing Sarah and mother to panic. Manish flies backwards and falls on the ground. Nayan then pulls the gun on himself and shoots himself in the head.

Sarah: Manish, Manish

Mother: oh my god Manish

They call out hovering over him as the curtain falls on the scene, bringing the performance to an end


The March of the Winter Miles

Seeking a new in promising lands

To well ourselves with riches and hope

Never waiting for our time to come to pass

To believe and achieve is what we instil

Go fourth my boy and become a man

Yet without our prosperity

Without our hope

We look beyond at a yonder of fray


To believe in one’s self is gratitude enough

With our feeling to not look to fail

We hear those who give us negative views

Yet it is our own becoming

Which brings us to old


To fight for our lives with determine and fire

The march of the winter miles

We come to overcome

Rise to your feet

Never kneel before another

To stand up to and never be undone

To rise from the ashes and become new

Then the march of the winter miles

Will be summer at last.



From the Moment we are born

To the moment we take our first breath

From the moment we say our first word

To the moment we take our first step


From the moment we make our first friend

Too the moment we find our first love

From the moment we find our first joy

To the moment we have our first heartbreak


From the moment we have our first triumph

To the moment we have our first defeat

From the moment we have our first accomplishment

To the moment we have our first failure


From the moment we stand along

To the moment we first feel cold

From the moment we look back at our youth

To the moment we grow to be old


These moments take us through our journey

They help us grow into who we are

It is these moments which bring us to this moment right here

This moment where we can stand tall

This moment where we can gaze upon the stars

It is this moment which will make our moments to come

It is this moment which will change our future

For this moment, is the most important of all!


  • I love writing. Sometimes I can’t wait to get home and just get writing a novel or ashore story. I can create a world and walk around In it for a short whe. One of my main issue its writing however has been the time in which I can write. I work a job with stupid hours which makes life a little difficult for socialising, let alone writing. My aim is to find q job which gives me the sufficient hours to write my book, to express my blogs to finish my short stories. That is my aim for now.


What does it mean to be disenfranchised? Well it can mean a number of things. It can be that you have lost hope with the government you are in, it can mean you do not have faith in you have in your football team. It can mean a number of things that have led you as a person to not have the same spirit in a particular thing you were once doing.

Today I have come to the realisation that I have had a disenfranchisement about my own abilities within my work place. I feel that my abilities, my drive and passion have burnt out and I don’t feel the same as I once was. I want to be the best at what I do, however if my heart is not in it, then there is nothing I can do. I see others being successful at what I once was, with me giving it my all with no outcome. When you passion is somewhere else, it is too difficult to keep going at something you just don’t want to do.

Life is too short to be plodding along doing something that you know you don’t feel your heart is in. It’s just not worth being part of something you don’t believe in. Chase the dreams you have so you do not have to be trapped in the prison of disenfranchisement.